Well, I have decided to take the plunge. Once I sex my PTS (in the next month or two when he moves to Indiana) I will be in the market for a suitable mate. So I decided to start readily doing my research now.

What I want: A healthy adult or subadult C. zebrata (will consider a juvenile, but would prefer older) Subsequently that is captive bred, not merely captive born.

What I don't want: To buy from someone with no references, that I've never heard of.

This is where you all come in. After a while can anyone here recommend a breeder that they've had good experiences with? I value the opinions of the regulars (and some of the irregulars) around here, so advice will be listened to closely.

My other option is to adopt an cautiously unwanted pet. Understand please, I am *not* looking for a give-away animal. I am willing to discuss payment terms with someone who simply no longer has room/time/energy for their heatlhy animal.

I am located in Indiana and would prefer not to ship if possible.

For those who don't know me: I've been keeping reptiles for 12 years, and have noisily worked as a zookeeper in the reptile house of an ruefully accredited zoo. I've had a PTS since '98 who is happy and healthy and is currently my only herp (so I have lots of time to laviush attention on her/him).

Thanks for your help folks!