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Thread: Finding a loose snake

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    Finding a loose snake

    Just found our BP escapee, after about a month of freedom(?). Saw a tongue under the recliner.
    The EASIEST way to find a lost snake in your house is to just wait for it to show up.
    Think about it. The snake will do fine on it`s own. Unless it can get out of the house, get hurt by another pet, dehydrate, or get stepped on, the snake is basically safe.
    They usually end up in a comfortable place, and they stay there until they get thirsty (usually) and/or hungry. Then they start moving and it`s then that they get visible again. It`s usually thirst. At this point, do not give the snake access to water. Keeps it moving.
    Snakes (and rats and mice, for example) are thigmotactic.That means that they follow edges, like baseboards and furniture. They also like overhead cover.
    Keep that little spot in the corner of your brain that says, "That looks like a snake part", on alert. You may see a tail, a nose, or even just a tongue flick coming out from under the couch.
    Most of this pertains to snakes that can survive a while without food or water. Baby and juvenile snakes with small body masses fatally dehydrate much faster than they get hungry. Put down a water dish, and the snake has a chance to survive until it gets hungry.
    To find a snake. First, close all doors and put towels against the bottom edges.
    Start at the cage and circle out. On shelves, look in, under, and behind everything. Once you get to the floor. lay down and put your eyes at snake level. With a strong flashlight, look on every flat surface, and edges, and under every piece of furniture.
    Once you get to closets. start from the floor up. In shoes, boxes, bags, etc. Even non-climbing snakes can follow a trail up. Look in all of the pockets of your coats and such. Move and examine everything on the shalves.
    Look in everything that could hold a snake half the size of yours.
    MOST IMPORTANT! Look in anything..."that couldn`t POSSIBLY hold a snake!".
    It`s your choice. If your snake has had a recent meal, and might last a week or more, wait or look. Anything smaller, find it asap.
    If you are within 100 miles, call me and I`ll come and get it for gas money.
    Weather-stripping on the bottom edges of all doors.
    Fill all holes in kitchen and bathroom through which water pipes enter and exit, with expanding spray foam insulation.
    Reduce clutter in closets.
    Get a few cardboard shoe boxes and make some hides on the floors near the cages. Make the hole at floor level and against a wall. Hide them under furniture.
    LATERAL THINKING: BE a snake and try to escape! Take notes. later, Pete Live by the Golden Rule. Pay it forward.

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    Re:Finding a loose snake

    at the window or basking under his lights I would simply open the closet door and start moving the clothes around. He was invariably clinging to the side of a hanging shirt, just out of sight.
    Congrats on finding your snake.

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    Re:Finding a loose snake

    I walked into my herp room this afternoon and noticed the beardie was FREAKIN out, had already splashed all the water out of his dish and was trying to climb the walls and generally spazzing around his tank. I looked at his eyes and followed his line of sight... to the top of my aquarium right next to him. The hood light has a stick-on wood panel that`s slightly coming off, and the baby ball python was STUCK in the STICK-ON wood!! Hahahaha what a great snake trap! The beardie never took his eyes off him.
    13 days of freedom and he doesn`t look any worse for the wear. fr0glet

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    Re:Finding a loose snake

    Its my first time losing my snake and Im freaking out. Hope this advice works. My ball python is extremely mild mannered. 2 years and he's never bitten anyone. But I have younger siblings and I know that my luck wont hold out forever. (Its ok if I get bitten. Ill still love him =3 I can understand that its either my fault or its my fault. That or he's hungry which he shouldnt be since I fed him just this week. I miss you Jormun T_T)

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    Re:Finding a loose snake

    This is a very old thread.

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    Re:Finding a loose snake

    Shiyomi My fingers are crossed to wish you will find your Jormun a.s.a.p.

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