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Thread: How to catch a gecko?

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    How to catch a gecko?

    I live in Dallas Texas. There are many mediterrian geckos around the outside of my house. When I wash off the front or back porch I often see and sometimes capture (and release) babies that come out of the cracks to avoid the water.
    A trio of rather large adults live behind an electrical switch box on the wall on my back porch. I see them on the wall a night if go out. They quickly disappear with very little motion.
    I'd like to capture one or more of the adults to examine them more closely and to show them to my kids. I would not keep them since I really don't have a desire to maintain them in captivity.
    Any idea how to trap them?

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    re:How to catch a gecko?

    Geckos are very fragile, and if you're clumsy you can cause one to lose its tail. I catch these geckos on my house by hand:

    Use a flashlight, and try to keep your body/hands behind the flashlight as much as possible until the last second (the gecko won't be able to easily see you approaching then).

    Grab them (gently!) by the head. They won't "drop" their head like they will their tail--it's not an effective survival behavior.

    Most of the time, Chaosmage's technique is just fine. You can often get very close to them without them fleeing. About the only cool thing to see that capturing would offer would be the translucent nature of the skin, particularly on the belly, which lets you see developing eggs.

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    re:How to catch a gecko?

    Try your best to not break off a tail.

    Teach someone the Golden Rule.

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    re:How to catch a gecko?

    I caught 3 in Arizona when I was landscaping my backyard. I felt bad for taking away their homes, so I set up a temporary desert terrarium and gave them minimal to no human interaction, other than feeding them.

    7 months later, after the backyard was complete, I released not only the original 3 but the 3 plus 17 more.

    They love to get busy....Apparently.

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