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Thread: sex of a ball python

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    sex of a ball python

    i went to the petstore today in search of another ball python and i asked the guy there if they new what sex there ball pythons are and he told me no but he said the two spikes on the bottom by his butt usually ment he is a male is this true?

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    sex of a ball python

    Not true on ball pythons. Females have those spurs, too, although they are usually smaller. Also, the spurs can occasionally be shedded off during a molt and will grow back.

    So no, it's not an accurate way to tell BP gender at all. The best way is to have it probed by an experienced herper or vet.

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    sex of a ball python

    Yeah Ophi is right. I will add, do not probe the snake if you do not know what your doing. You can permently damage the snakes reproductive organs. Also if done wrong it could cause interal bleeding and further lead to other problems and death.
    Take it to a vet to get it probed.

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    sex of a ball python

    yeh i have an appointment monday to get my snake probed and finally find out what sex it is i want to get into breeding them do any of you know the details or how hard it is to get into that?

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    sex of a ball python

    iT'S ALOT OF WORK AND ALOT OF MONEY. It should be something that is for fun and not too much for the money because you will not get any money made for YEARS! haha And sometimes never you just make whatever it is you spent!

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