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Thread: Making a new thread? Read this FIRST!

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    Making a new thread? Read this FIRST!

    We love having new threads started in here, but sometimes it can be a bit confusing where you should post. Let me go over the areas we have and what should be posted there.

    Reptile Discussions: This area is for posts that cover more then one type of reptile, amphibian, or invertebrate. For instance, a post about putting a Ball Python and an Iguana together would go in this section. Or perhaps you have a general question like what UV bulb is best. That also goes here.

    Off Topic: This is a fun area where you can talk about anything that really has nothing to do with the reptiles. Things like music, tattoos, holiday plans, ect.., Just remember we do have some minors who use the forum, so keep it PG rated.

    Site Feedback: Here you can write suggestions, complaints, explanations etc. to help our community get better. This might be for a post asking if we can have spell check. Maybe a thread to have the thumbs up and down rating system explained to you.

    Blog comments: At the top of the home page, you will see a Blog key. The Blog is almost like a diary you can write. This area is for people to make comments on your Blog entry.

    Next we have the more specialized areas of our forum. It's here you can write a post dealing with an issue with just one species or one type of animal. Such as a Corn Snake question or maybe a question about keeping a Fat Tail and a Velvet Gecko together.

    We have these headings to go under:

    Invertebrates...coming very soon

    We also have following those the Classifieds section where you can sale animals, equipment, ect.., (This forum does not endorse nor is in any way responsible for any sales. Be careful before sending money to anybody.)

    If you still have questions, be sure to PM either Eve or Jacqui.[b]

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    Hello my fellow reptile lovers! My name is Jodi, and we adopted a savannah monitor about a yr and a half ago. he was very fat as the 75 yr old grandmother was stuck caring for it after her grandson went to prison. She only fed it hot dogs, and was about to let it lose in a field near her house. I'm not sure exactly, but I think he's about 3 yrs. old. He won't eat crickets, so we only feed him mice, (we tried feeding him small/medium rats, but I noticed he always got sick, vomiting, with lots of mucus or pooped them out undigested.) Which brings me to the reason I joined this forum.... But 1st I gotta figure out where to post my concern...

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    Hey jodi welcome aboard! You could post your concern at the Lizard section so it can garner more views

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    nice post

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