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Thread: Ball/Royal Python Tank Size.

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    Ball/Royal Python Tank Size.

    Simple question what size viv would be suitable for a fully grown ball/royal python?

    Is 2foot by 2foot by 2foot to small?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Re:Ball/Royal Python Tank Size.

    yes. too small. an adult can be housed in a MINIMUM size viv of 36x18x16 (40 Breeder). but the more space you are able to provide, the better.
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    Re:Ball/Royal Python Tank Size.

    I've got mine in a 55 gal aquarium, and he pretty much takes up the whole length if he stretches out. That size MIGHT be okay for a baby BP, but you're gonna have to upgrade fast. I get the feeling the 55 gal is gonna be re-made into a salt water aquarium since I'm looking for another viv for my snake.

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    Re:Ball/Royal Python Tank Size.

    a 40 gal is fine for a full grown ball pythons are burrowing snakes they dont need alot of space.

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