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Thread: Ball python and water?

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    Ball python and water?

    Hey all, my ball pythons Charleston, and Snakey Cake, are acting strange. They keep trying to soak in the water bowl and spill it everywhere, so we took the bowl out for a day and then put it back. Charleston went straight to it and drank so much I was scared he was going to drown himself. He finally stopped drinking and literally water was coming out of his mouth if I touched him. Snakey Cake is still trying to soak, but it is not shedding time yet, so it isn't normal for her to do this. And her belly feels softer than normal. Charleston is still as active as he always has been, and Snakey Cake is as lazy as she always has been. Other than the water thing, they are not acting any different than normal... Any suggestions?

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    Ball python and water?

    They might have mites or an infection of some sort. I'm sure you know how to treat for that?

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    Re:Ball python and water?

    Hey, they did have mites but we treated the cage and soaked them in the bath, I havn't seen any more mites since then.

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    Re:Ball python and water?

    the problem with mites is that there eggs can take 7-30 days to hatch, and the adults can survive up to 30 days without food.

    might have gotten rid of them at one point, but very few products can eliminate the eggs, and the ones that can can be harmful to reptiles (frontline for example). they are similar to lice in humans. very hard to get rid of because the eggs/adults can be anywhere and hatch any time.

    not trying to scare you, but they must be taken *very* seriously
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    Re:Ball python and water?

    Ball pythons do not normally soak in their water bowls (at least mine hates it.) maybe their going into shed? I don't know but make sure it is a problem before you start doing something.

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    Re:Ball python and water?

    When I was raising ball pythons, most all of mine soaked a few times a week. I always kept a small very enclosed pesticide for mites in the tank and never had a problem with them. But the snakes loved the water. a least 25% of mine did...

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    Ball python and water?

    Charleston loves to soak, so does my sister's Muffin. Snakey Cake, my boyfriends doesn't normally soak a lot, but lately all 3 have been soaking a lot. But the main thing that freaked me out was when Charleston drank to the point that water was pouring back out of his mouth if I touched him. I have check them for mites, but I don't see any. When I get the money I will go buy some mineral oil, and Betadine and hope that if they do have mites, that will take care of it.

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    Ball python and water?

    Take her to the vet if that doesn't clear up!

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