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Thread: Iguana Partial Spike Loss

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    Iguana Partial Spike Loss

    My iguana is about two and a half. He has never has any problems shedding, but this shed he lost (the top layer of new skin came off with the old, and caused the top to fall over and now, hours later, it is dead and falling off) the upper half of his largest spike near his head. Is this a huge problem or is it a common issue, like tail loss?

    The wound didn't bleed at all and I have cleaned the area with Betadine and water, and the wound doesn't seem to bother him.

    I attached a photo, although my camera isn't all that good so the quality may isn't the greatest.
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    I need a better picture and it would also help if you could provide one that shows the whole body.. As you can see in that picture, he has 2 tiny ones before the large one, so some circumstances may have happened there also and they may be in regrowth.. [My 3 year old has a tiny one right in front of the back leg area. Nothing happened, just has alway's been..]

    I am not saying that is exactly what happened. But I can say that old shed will not pull off new skin without help.. What is the cage that you have him in like.. Is it possible that he caught himself somehow??

    I can say this. If the shed does not come off each time on the spikes, it will cause problem for them down the road. This area along with the toes, are the biggest concerns for good shed. Should never be allowed to remain in hopes that it will come off the next time around! That is why I would like to see a better, clearer picture of what it is you are calling an infection..

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