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Thread: Is there any two different types of reptiles that can live in the same tank?

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    Is there any two different types of reptiles that can live in the same tank?

    Is there any two different types of reptiles that can live in the same tank?

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    What species can be co-habitated really depends on the size of the enclosure in question and most importantly the experience level/husbandry of the keeper. As a general rule..very few (Cresties and Pink Tongue Skinks being a common one)
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    As far as I know, there are some species of gecko that can (fat tailed and leopard?) as long as you don't keep 2 males together; but I no longer keep lizards, so I could be mistaken. Turtles can be kept together but they require a very large setup. I've never kept different species together in the same tank, though. I know that it is not wise to keep snakes together, even if they are the same size... 99% of the time you will have no issues, but snakes aren't communal, and I have seen/heard from keepers who have had 2 snakes of the same species and same size kill/eat one another.

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    Ive had eastern gray tree frogs housed with my BP before.. he loved it. Neither species where stressed or showed signs of stress.. they seemed to co-habitate pretty well, I didnt just throw them together and walk away though. After introducing them i kept an eye on them for a while..
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