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Thread: my bearded dragon ate a tree frog and he isn't looking to good

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    my bearded dragon ate a tree frog and he isn't looking to good

    He ate a tree frog !!can anybody with knowledge on BDragons tell me anything? should i take him to a vet? can he digest such a frog? i'm worried about my lil buddy, he's 1 yr old and such a cool pet, and my roomate didn't know anybetter about feeding him a frog!! thank u waiting for some feed back.

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    All amphibians give off toxic secretions, which is why hey should never be housed with a reptile. I'd at least call a vet with the exact species name of the tree frog and explain what happened.

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    Tree frog secretions are for the most part toxic in the wild due to diet. A diet of crickets/mealworms makes the frog produce no toxins, because the food has no toxins. Your bearded dragon will be fine, lock the cage so it doesn't happen again. I use padlocks and sliding glass locks on almost all my cages where people come into contact with the cage.

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    Was it a frog that your roommate just went and caught? or was it purchased at a pet shop? If your roommate just found it and fed it, then you may want to play it safe and bring your dragon to a vet, maybe bring a poo sample with you (make sure the frog didn't transfer any "bugs" to your beardie.)
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    If it was big he might be impacted. Make sure he has a nice big water dish to soak in. Give him a bath and let him soak for 10-20minutes (supervised, and make sure you don't wear him out too much)
    Read this page on baths.

    If he doesn't pass the frog in a day or two you should definitely take him to the vet. Just like the others said, if this was a wild caught frog he needs to go to the vet now.
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    Thanks for all of your excellent posts, it was a tree frog from the yard, but jerry is looking alot better and he is pooping, and soaking in the warm baths, i soo appreciate all of u lizzard people, peace out and have a blessed day.

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