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Thread: Sulcata Shell Turning White

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    Sulcata Shell Turning White

    Attached photo shows section of shell where it is turning white.

    Sulcata is about 10 years old, 50-60 lbs. Lives outdoors and has a man made underground home.

    Any ideas what is causing this?
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    oh that doesn't look so good and it doesn't look like the bone. hopefully some one can help you out soon. and i feel stupid for asking this but have you tried cleaning it off?

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    Sorry, can't really tell from the picture. It could be that the keratin is being rubbed off somehow, in which case you just need to identify how the rubbing is occurring, prevent it, and the scutes will recover. It could be a fungus, in which case I believe that athlete's foot medications can be applied to get rid of it. Or it could be a burn from a basking lamp... ever used a temp gun on your tortoises shell after it has been basking for a while?

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    Because of it being all over and in places where it shouldn't get scrapped, I am leaning towards a fungus. Could you take a close up picture of one of those areas, so maybe we can see better what is going on?

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