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Thread: Florida Fresh Silkworms! Very cheap silkworms!

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    Florida Fresh Silkworms! Very cheap silkworms!

    Hello all,
    My name is Payton Fisher and I am the owner of Florida Fresh Silkworms. I wanted to start my own silkworm feeder distribution because I started getting tired of paying such high prices for silkworms. I am making sure that my prices will be the lowest prices out on the market. You will still get the same and even better quality of a product for almost half the price you were originally paying. Silkworms are absolutely, hands down, the best staple feeder for your reptile. Each silkworm is packed with nutrients and vitamins that are great for your reptile. Silkworms have more protein, calcium, and a lower fat rate than crickets and for almost the same price! In order to shop with us you will have to register your email with us. This allows us to track your purchases and enter you into our membership program. For every 10 purchases you will recieve $5 off your next order! When you click on the "shop" tab it will ask you for your information. Please fill it out!

    We currently do not have any silkworms ready to sell, but I wanted to post something on these forums letting you guys know our plan! You can go ahead and pre-order silkworms if you would like. We will be more than happy to offer a 10% discount on any pre-orders! (This will only be for the silkworms and not the extra silkworm food. Also it will be around 2 months top before we have a large colony, be prepared to wait a little. If we only get a few pre-order's, they will go out asap!)

    Our prices are very cheap and reasonable:

    Our shipping will vary from $5 to $7!

    Please post a reply, send a pm, or an email with any questions!
    We would be more than happy to supply for wholesale as well. If you own a reptile shop and are tired of paying such high prices for silkworms, we are the people to contact!

    If you are not interested in pre-ordering, but interested in our product, please post a comment on how many you plan to get so we can spawn enough in our colony! Thanks!

    Our website is:
    "Like" our Facebook page!

    Thanks everyone!
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