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Thread: New CWD health issue?

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    Question New CWD health issue?

    Hi, I purchased a Chinese water dragon 3 days ago from a PetCo. He/she seems fairly young @ just about 10in, and was very brown in store minus the head. It seems there has been a ton of improvement colorwise in the short time he/she has been here and was just wondering possible cause, and making sure it's nothing to super serious. Curently being kept in a smaller terrarium just over 2 feet long and about 1 and a half high (will be upgrading before he/she is too big to a custom built), the temp gauge fluxes between 80 and 90 throughout the day, humidity I keep around 70-80 except over night it drops to about 40 by morning (investing in a mister and waterfall soon to prevent that), and as for food I feed him/her an omnivore mix daily and medium crickets everyother day both dusted with a calcium vitamin (daily) and a multivitamin (every 2-3 days is the plan). He/she is fairly active with very minimal snoot booping on the glass. All in all any suggestions to speed his/her recovery process? I just the best for the little one
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    In 3 days it seems he's doing fine. In your pic he seems healthy and alert. Get a book specific to CWDs, and try to find a resource of someone familiar with lizards. Good luck with your new baby!

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